Cake Mix Tutorial

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It's been a while since I've done a tutorial, and when our Moda rep showed us this awesome new product they were releasing I just knew that this was the perfect tutorial post!  She was even kind enough to leave a sheet behind for me to try, and it worked beautifully!  

It's called a Cake Mix Recipe Pad, and it's a pad of these printed pages.  This technique is almost like paper piecing / foundation piecing but much easier to understand and follow, so if you've never paper pieced before there is nothing to worry about (I know you can do this!)

1. Pick out two 10" x 10" blocks, I used what we had on hand and made sure there was enough contrast between the two

2. Place the fabric right sides together, the paper on top with the print facing up (you'll stitch on this), and pin in place  

3. Look for the star that says "start", this will be where you start stitching on the dotted lines
** TIP: you can shorten your stitch, or you can stitch on the dotted lines with no top thread and no bobbin to make them perforated so they are easier to tear the paper off **

4. Can you believe that's basically it?  Just keep stitching on the dotted lines until you have no more dotted lines unstitched  

5. Once you have followed the stitching line all the way around (making sure you have no dotted lines unstitched)

6. Cut on the solid lines 

7. You will have small two large squares and ten small squares.  Peel off all the paper (this is where either pre-stitching or using a smaller seam allowance is very helpful!)

8. Tear off the paper and press (no squaring up necessary!!)

9. Decide on the layout you would like to use (they have plenty of examples in the Cake Mix pattern)

10. Sew your blocks together

11. That's it!  One Cake Mix Recipe page, two 10" x 10" blocks of fabric made two of these blocks measuring 7 1/4" x 7 1/4" 

 Can you imagine how fast a quilt would go together using this technique?  

Cake Mix - Each Cake Mix Pad with 45 recipe cards will make 450, 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" finished half square triangles and 90 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" finished half square triangles.

Check out our assortment of Layer Cakes to make this fun project! 


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Jack Quilt

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I was lucky enough to be able to pattern test for the amazing Amber of Gigi's Thimble!  I chose Jack as my first choice and boy am I glad I did!  I love how this quilt turned out! 

It's great for beginners since there are no crazy things like y-seams, applique or other advanced quilting shenanigans.  In fact, it's even great for advanced sewers when we all need a little "mindless" sewing sometime, am I right?  (maybe that's just me...)

I went with the new line by One Canoe Two called Hazelwood, and I absolutely love it!  It's so colorful, and the prints are so nice!  The background is Modern Background Paper by Zen Chic, it's awesome too.  It has subtle background prints like newspaper clippings, geometric designs and of course dots! 

For the quilting I went with Crop Circles.  I love how the circles lighten those sharp, square lines.  I think it's the perfect quilting to really make the quilt flow!

These prints I thought were just perfect for pattern, I had a few layouts I was playing with but in the end I left all the color groups together instead of making it random layout.  The random made it look too scrappy and I already accomplished that with all those different backgrounds!

One of my favorite blocks, something about this print I think would make the perfect baby quilt sheet!  I suppose my house will have to settle for a pillow!

Of course for the backing print I had to use my favorite geometric print!  Hmmmm, that backing is so pretty i may just put the back on display for a while.  I'm sure both sides will get their chance in the sun.  

DId I mention we will have kits available?  I only cut a few kits and some of the background prints are already out of stock!  Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the kits are available (you can do this by going to our home page and scrolling all the way to the bottom).

Fabric:  Hazelwood by One Canoe Two, background fabric Modern Background Paper by Zen Chic
Pattern: Jack by Gigi's Thimble
Size: Approximately 60" x 60"
Quilting Design: Crop Circles


Want us to longarm a quilt for you?  Here are just some of the quilts we have longarmed, and we have an easy estimate form to give you an idea on pricing.   

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Take-Along Trio

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Are you looking for a really fun, quick, zippered pouch to make?  This is a great one for you then!  If you have any leftover quilted fabric, that's another bonus for you!  

These pouches were featured in the Better Homes and Garden Quilts and More (Summer 2015) edition, when we saw them we knew we had to make them!  The pattern has three different sizes, we made two different sizes and they are both very practical. 

As soon as they are done being store displays they might find their way to my house!  

Here's an example of the three sizes, these would make great makeup bags, storage for your phone accessories, possibilities are endless.  (Image taken from Better Homes and Garden)

Did I mention there are tons of cute projects in this magazine? This wasn't the only project I would make from this magazine, there are now two others from here on my wish list!  

Fabric: Clementine by Heather Bailey
Pattern: Quilts and More (Summer 2015)
Size: Largest bag 15 1/2" x 8 1/2"
         Medium bag 12 1/2" x 7 1/2"
         Small bag 9 3/4" x 6 1/2"

Want us to longarm a quilt for you?  Here are just some of the quilts we have longarmed, and we have an easy estimate form to give you an idea on pricing.   


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Festive Flurries Quilt

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Have you ever seen one of those striking quilts in a magazine that you can't get out of your head?  You just HAVE to make it right now??  

This is one of those quilts!  It is made with The Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater Fabrics, and uses the cutest, detailed tiny prints, making it perfect for piecing in a quilt!  

The quilt went very quick, and I think even a beginner could make it.  I wanted something a little smaller than what was featured in the magazine, so I only made 16 blocks.  It's a great wall hanging size, table topper, lap quilt or a perfect baby quilt size!

Figuring out what to quilt it with was just as fun as making it!  I chose wool batting and Holly and Berries as the quilt design.  

The wool batting always makes the quilting show up with so much more detail.  Did you know that even after you fold and pack away your quilt until next year, the crease from being folded all year long doesn't permanently stay in the quilt like other battings do(you don't even need to steam it out!)! 

We still have a nice selection of magazines remaining as well as all the fabric to make this quilt!  

I also made a fabric basket because I couldn't help myself!  We have kits available for the fabric basket!  This fabric is so cute!!  It is one of my favorite holiday lines, but then again I am a Sweetwater fan... so the next line that comes out from them I may say the very same thing! 

So here it is hanging as the store display.  Is it just me, or is there something so fun and satisfying about hanging up a holiday quilt that you just finished?!  

Fabric:  The Cookie Exchange by Sweetwater
Pattern: Festive Flurries in Better Homes and Garden Christmas Quilts and More 2016
Size: Approximately 53" x 53"
Quilting Design: Holly and Berries

Want us to longarm a quilt for you?  Here are just some of the quilts we have longarmed, and we have an easy estimate form to give you an idea on pricing.   

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Cargo Duffle

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I recently realized that I never shared my Cargo Duffle with you!  I love this bag, it's still on display at our store if you wanted to take a look at it in person.  I have taken it on a few road trips and it has served me well! 

This fabric, has all the heart eyes from me.  The deer fabric and pockets are from the Rustique line by Crazy Old Ladies.  The bottom fabric is a linen cotton mix from Moda called Linen Mochi, and let me tell you it is heavenly!  It's a great weight and since it's a linen cotton mix it doesn't wrinkle in the wash like regular linen does!

The handles and lining are also from the Rustique line by Crazy Old Ladies.  The pattern calls for binding the seams on the inside instead of lining.  I insisted that I wanted lining, however after the hard time I had installing it, I think I will trying the binding next time!

I really do enjoy how it turned out.  I may do a few things different on my next one, but overall I'm quite happy with the way everything turned out!  


Fabric:  Rustique by Crazy Old Ladies
Pattern: Cargo Duffle by Noodlehead (and it's free!!)
Size: Approximately 16" x 11" x 5"
Quilting Design: Straight Lines

Want us to longarm a quilt for you?  Here are just some of the quilts we have longarmed, and we have an easy estimate form to give you an idea on pricing.   

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Polaroid Quilt

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We took part in a polaroid block swap, oh I don't know... 4 years ago(??!)  It was so fun sending in our blocks and getting different ones in return!  We made 60 blocks, kept 30 of our own, sent 30 in and received 30 blocks that others had made!  

The fabrics are so cute!  Anything from deer, monkeys, sheep and even Star Trek!  

We didn't really have a plan other than adding a background and sewing them all together.  I love how it turned out!  

We went with a superhero backing, since it was for my son and he's really into them right now (except he's afraid of the Hulk!).  

I hope it's a quilt he'll love and grow with!  

Fabric:  Variety
Pattern: Polaroid 
Size: Approximately 37" x 48"
Quilting Design: Mod Dots

Want us to longarm a quilt for you?  Here are just some of the quilts we have longarmed, and we have an easy estimate form to give you an idea on pricing.   

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Jellybean Boat Bouse

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I'm a little late posting... like months late.  This has been hanging in our store on display for quite some time.  It's all thanks to UFO Fridays!  This one was the second quilt I finished up on our UFO Fridays.

The pattern is called Jellybean by Thimble Blossoms.

It's such an easy and fun pattern to make, and did I mention really quick?  It's a triple win!  This is actually the second Jellybean I have made, the first was using Kate Spain's Honey Honey line (still one of my favorite soft color lines).  

I thought this one was just perfect for summer, patriotic but not too obvious patriotic.  I selected The Boat House fabric by Sweetwater (those ladies really know how to make some cute fabrics!)

Fabric:  The Boat House by Sweetwater
Pattern: Jellybean by Thimble Blossoms
Size: Approximately 60" x 68" (I made it a little smaller than what the pattern calls for)
Quilting Design: Anchors Away

Want us to longarm a quilt for you?  Here are just some of the quilts we have longarmed, and we have an easy estimate form to give you an idea on pricing.   



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