Mixing It Up Because We Care

Posted on October 22, 2016 by Jenn Thurston | 0 comments

I absolutely love the quilting community, and this is no exception!  I was privileged enough to take part in helping finish this mixing quilt.   

This quilt top was made by fantastic, caring bunch of ladies from all over the world. The special person it was made for lost her 19 year old daughter in a tragic car accident.   

Her daughter loved baking, with her red mixer.  In fact, the mother Audrey still keeps the red mixer on display with flour still on it from the last baking her daughter did, with her daughters picture in a frame next to it.  It's so very touching to see.  

Each person participating used red as their mixer and any colored bowl they thought would match.  All the mixers and spatulas were sent to one person, who then put the top together, who then sent the top to us to quilt and bind.   

Every person sent two strips of red binding to us, which made this adorable red, scrappy binding. We went with spirals galore as the quilting design, we thought it mimicked the action of the beaters!

The quilt really turned out fabulous!  I cannot imagine the grief one would go through loosing their daughter, I hope this quilt has brought her comfort through some of the harder times.  

Audrey has started a non-profit charity where she makes quilts for grieving mothers who have lost a child.  She collects quilt tops, fabrics, blocks, you name it, whatever can be used to make into a quilt.  If you would like to assist her by donating fabric, money or a quilt top you can go to her Instagram account 19QuiltsForNatalie to get in contact with her.

You can find more pictures on Instagram by typing in the hashtag #MixingItUpBecauseWeCare

Fabric:  Variety
Pattern: Mixing It UP Quilt by Bee in my Bonnet
Size: Approximately 70" x 72"
Quilting Design: Spirals Galore

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