Gift Tag Tutorial

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Want to dress up a package without spending a lot of time on it?  I think this is the quickest and cutest little package.  I have about every color in felt known to man... so the choices are really endless.

- scraps of heat and bond (mine were about 3" x 3" for each letter)
- scraps of fabric/felt for the lettering (mine were about 3" x 3" for each letter)
- scraps of felt for the circle (for the cirlcle I made you would need about a 3.5" x 3.5" square for each circle)

Step one:

Select the felt you will use for the circle.

FInd a template to trace the circle, mine was a 3" ring that I just happened to have lying around.

Trace the outer ring to make the circle.

Step two:

Cut out the felt cirlce for the base of the tag.

Step three:

Select the letter of your choice and print out on paper so it can be traced.
*Tip: I went on Microsoft Word and enlarged a letter of my liking (font is called "Lobster") and inverted it.  A light box can be used if you don't print it inverted.

Place heat and bond over letter with smooth side facing up.  Trace letter with pen or pencil.

Step four:

Cut out the letter traced on heat and bond, cut roughly 1/4" all the way around the outline.

Step five:

Place heat and bond rough side facing down on the wrong side of the fabric.  The rough side of the heat and bond will stick to the fabric when ironed.


Step six:

Cut on the drawn line of the heat and bond around your letter. 

Peel the paper side of the heat and bond off.

Step seven:

Place letter, fabric side up on top of the felt circle.

Press to make permenant hold.
*Tip: Use pressing sheet anytime when ironing felt.  Never put iron directly on felt.

Here is your new package tag - made in no time at all!  Can you guess what's in these lovely packages?

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Colors a Plenty

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Look at all these beautiful felt pieces!  I have big plans for these (well, maybe not all of them yet but it's early still)

If you want to know my big plans, you will have check in later for an update!  Waaahhh haaaa haaaa {my devious laugh} 


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