Four Number Quilts Completed

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Do you remember my post about Baby Quilts for Four Please?  Well, we finished them all... on time!  I'm a little late in posting, but that's what happens when you go on vacation and come back with a vacation hangover.  I have been flooded with a whole other slew of stuff to do too, but more on that exciting news later!  

So to recap, we had a week to make four baby quilts, yes you read that right... four baby quilts.  I use the term "baby" quilts loosely, these quilts ended up finishing at 50" x 64".  We wanted the babies to be able to grow with them, learning numbers and colors, making blanket forts, wrapping up with it outside while making s'mores at a bon fire... we have big plans for these boys and their quilts.

Caleb is the name of our little boy, then we made one for his best friend at day care named Colton, and I was long overdue to make my twin nephews quilts, Luke and Logan.  There is something so special about making a baby (or in our case, toddler) their first quilt.  I imagine these quilts traveling around the house on whatever latest adventure they're on, of course with multiple washings making them crinkle with love.


We made the border of each quilt a different color, each number is a different color too.  These are some of my favorite fabrics, and they all play so nice together!

For the backing, we used some Ikea fabric I have been hoarding, glad I bought a whole bolt when I did because Ikea no longer prints this fabric (sob, sob).  It's the print with the numbers, I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  Is it wrong I want to use this as the backing on all my quilts?!

We used a wool batting in Caleb's quilt, it has a puffy, light weight feel that makes you just want to snuggle with it.  It's so lovely, and I can already imagine it on his big boy bed when that day happens (fingers crossed it won't be anytime soon or I will never get any sleep).  

Here are the quilt stats:
Pattern: Sew Modern Baby (modified the pattern to make a little larger)
Size: 50" x 64"
Quilting Design: Swirls 3
Fabric: Variety of fabrics:
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Red Raindrops
Pink Numbers
Black Squiggles 

Some of the prints I didn't list because we have since sold out of, but if you need recommendations we would be happy to help!



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Baby Quilts for Four Please

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I had a set of twin nephews born March <cough> of 2014 and I still haven't made them a quilt.  Well, times a running out; we are headed their way in a little under a week.  So I finally came up with a game plan on the colors and pattern, just yesterday.  I wanted something bold and bright, and having a two year old I know they will soon begin to appreciate numbers and colors.  So I took the original pattern from Sew Modern Baby by Angela Yosten, but I didn't want it to be a square, and I wanted to add their names to it (they are twins, so if they're not fighting over what's "mine" I know they will be soon).

The color palette, is good old fashioned primary colors.  We are in the process of learning colors at home, so I know this will go over well.  Did I mention on top of making one for each of my nephews I'm also making one for my little boy and his BFF at daycare… oh the appliqué.

So here we go, all the numbers and names are cut out.  On to the fun that is known as appliqué!  

Check back shortly to see an update, we only have one week to get four baby quilts done… will we meet the deadline?!


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Herringbone Quilt

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A friend of mine is having a baby, her first baby, and it's a little girl!  I'm so, so excited for her.  Of course I knew I had to make her a quilt!  I asked what her nursery colors are going to be (more like demanded to know… ) and she said coral, aqua and yellow.  How perfect is that!  Those are my favorite colors (plus navy and grey)!  What a perfect color palette for a baby's nursery.  

I know she didn't technically say navy and grey, but I just couldn't help myself!  I used a Herringbone pattern, it's a free pattern on Moda's webpage.  The pattern features the Mixed Bag line, which we carry in brushed cottons in our store - and they are heavenly!

Since it was for a baby, I wanted to go for more of a toddler size than the larger size featured on the pattern.  I used a variety of every print my heart desired and cut 2 1/2" strips instead of using a jelly roll.  The backing is a Michael Miller solid called Geranium, it's so soft!

I took it home to photograph since we have a crib, what I didn't anticipate was little man wanting back in his crib during my photography session.  This picture explains my life perfectly; beautiful quilt, rambunctious little boy!  

Here are the quilt stats:
Pattern: Herringbone by StudioM
Size: 44" x 52"
Quilting Design: Lacey Swirl
Fabric: Variety of fabrics from Michael Miller, Moda and Art Gallery.  Quilt Backing Geranium by Michael Miller.


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Up Parasol Baby Quilt

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I'm not sure if I have mentioned just how much I love this Up Parasol line by Heather Bailey!  

You might recall that I have made a quilt from this fabric before, rectangles in all their glory.

The fabric screams spring, I absolutely can't get enough of all these nice warm colors!  Just gorgeous....

I went with the Lacy Swirls, one of my favorite quilting designs! 

Very easy pattern, just strips sewn together and then cut in blocks with sashing in between.  What a easy, quick quilt to make! 

This quilt measures 36" x 36", the perfect baby size quilt.  If you're interested in purchasing this quilt, we have it for sale in our gift shop.


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Baby Swoon Quilt

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This Swoon baby quilt is made from the new Hello Bear line by Bonnie Christine, featuring the most adorable animal print you have ever seen.

One block is 24" x 24", so add a border on and you have a quick one block baby quilt!  For this quilt, I added a inner border of 1 1/2" finished and outer border of 4 1/2" finished making the quilt size 36" x 36".

I used an all over wavy design, I think it looks like the wind blowing!  Instead of using my normal white thread, I decided to go with a light grey thread.

The backing however, is my absolute favorite!  The prints are so cute, featuring raccoons, deer and of course bears! 

The pattern used is called Swoon by Thimble Blossoms, and it's fat quarter friendly!  


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Two Baby Quilts in One Week

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Sometimes life gets so busy I forget how much I miss sewing when I'm away from it.  Well, I was lucky enough to break away from my hectic schedule to make two baby quilts; in one week at that!  I loved every minute of it.  The pattern I decided to go with was super quick and easy, can't go wrong with a good old fashioned Rail Fence quilt pattern.

My first quilt made was for a sweet little girl that was born the day after Christmas.  Her parents were keeping the sex of the baby a secret, so they chose gender neutral colors of teal and gold for her room.  That was perfect, because we have two color ways in Minimalista by Art Gallery Fabrics - you guessed it, gold and teal!  


I love how it turned out, simple, classic, yet playful! 

I'm happy to report the quilt has made it to it's new home and is well loved.

Next on my list, which has been on my list for sometime... was a quilt for baby Lily.  Lilly is already seven months old... where does the time go??  To keep things going at a fast pace and since the Rail Fence was so fun to do, I made another one just like Kirby's.  Lily's room is gorgeous shades of pink and aqua.  If you know me, you know I love Bonnie and Camille fabric.  Scrumptious was the perfect line to use, aqua, pink and green.  LOVE. IT.

I selected a simple but elegant quilting design called meandering feathers, which I'm sure you'll be seeing more of.

I thought this was the perfect fabric for binding.  I love stripes, and even better they are already printed diagonal so I don't have to cut it on the bias!  

Sewing binding by hand is for the birds, or at least that's what this someone thinks that doesn't like doing hand work.  Any binding done by hand on my quilts will most likely be done by my mom (thanks mom).

May your days be filled with sewing!



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Summersville Spring

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Have you seen the new line out by Lucie Summers called Summersville Spring?   It looks exactly how it sounds; warm spring days, birds chirping, butterflies fluttering by... it's the perfect fabric for the last gloomy days of winter.  In fact, the rare occurrence of when we got snow I decided to sew this bright, cheery quilt while it was blowing flakes like crazy outside.

I have to admit, I really did enjoy the beautiful evening of snow we had.  So pretty, and it was the perfect snow for snow balls!  I also have to admit I was happy to see it leave the next day.

This quilt was so easy to put together!  It just takes 2.5" strips so it's prefect to use that jelly roll that you've had your eye on!  Best part is, a small size like this one only takes half a jelly roll... soooo, you could make a large one or two small ones!

The pattern is called Unwind, it uses that fantastic Lazy Angle ruler that I'm in love with!  In fact, this is my third pattern using the Lazy Angle ruler.  I suggest you check it out, you won't regret it! 

I used a quilting pattern called meandering feathers.  It's fantastic, just the right amount of space left between the feathers.  This won't be the last time you see me use it!

I had so much fun making this! I will be keeping this pattern in mind for my next baby quilt I need to make.


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