Dilly Dally Around Here

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I have been working on this quilt for far too long; not because it was difficult, not because I didn't like it but just because something else would always jump in line ahead of it.

Well I'm happy to report I finally got it done, and I absolutely love how it turned out!

The pattern is Dilly Dally by Thimble Blossoms, fabric is Honey Honey by Kate Spain.

I chose roses as the quilting pattern, I had just enough left over scraps from the border to work it in the backing.  The quilted roses show up so well on that beautiful solid fabric on the back.

This block is one of my favorites, something about the navy background with all those pretty flowers.

My next favorite, check out this tiny bee!  These little bee's are scattered around the binding, just adorable!

I am now officially ready for spring to come, maybe if I lay this quilt out spring will come sooner??


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Serenade Quilt Projects

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I'm not sure why I haven't shared our Serenade quilt projects sooner, I'm in love with how quick and easy this quilt came together!

This quilt uses fat quarters and background fabric, it's a great stash buster.  The pattern is from Large Block Quilts by Victoria L Eapen (I want to make every single pattern in this awesome book!).  The fabric is Serenade by Kate Spain, she really has great fabrics doesn't she?!  

We quilted it with a Chestnut Swirl pattern, one of my all time favorites!  I love how the curves in the chestnuts really soften the squares, you should try it - you won't be disappointed!

We still have a great selection remaining if you're interested in making your own Serenade quilt!

There were a few scraps remaining from the Serenade quilt; and if you know anything about me, it's that I cannot let scraps go to waste.  This is Puddle Jumping Mini by Thimble Blossoms, and it seriously only takes bits and pieces of fabric!  Not a good stash buster, the pieces are so small you'll have no idea any of your scraps are even missing (unless of course you make a King size quilt, and in that case I want to bow at your feet)!  Anyways, it's two great patterns from one great line!


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The Love for Spring

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year!  I had an enjoyable Christmas; we stayed home all day, had a home cooked dinner and even squeezed in some movie watching.  Stuff that most people probably take for granted, but I throughly enjoyed it.   Spent the whole day with my wonderful husband, mom and dog (which I think our dog probably didn't appreciate it as much since we interrupted her whole day of napping ritual she has going on).
I do love spring, and since that is far far away I decided to start sewing a store sample with Honey Honey by the wonderful Kate Spain.  It is lovely, the fresh bright colors really made it fun to sew with! 
I can only show you a little sneak peak since I'm not finished yet.  I used a dessert roll, it's (20) 5" x WOF.  We will be getting all those fabrics that are featured in the Honey Honey dessert roll.  
I was able to squeeze three quilts from one dessert roll!  If you know anything about me, it's that I can't stand to not use all my fabric!  I love using all those scraps!  The one with the pinwheels will be a fairly large size, the other two quilts are great baby sizes. 
Now I just have to wait for all that beautiful yardage to come in so I can put borders on and get them quilted!  Patiently waiting...

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Oh Joy

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Have you seen Kate Spain's new Christmas line Joy??  It has a sweet panel, that is actually a pretty good size measuring 36" x width of fabric. I just added on an outside border of 4" and it made a nice size throw.  The "inner border" is actually part of the panel, making it even less work to only have to add one border! 


These are a few of my favorite blocks in the panel.

I quilted it with an all over Christmas light design.  This is probably the earliest I have ever finished a Christmas project! 

I also made this adorable cinch bag.  A very quick project that would be a perfect hostess gift filled with some goodies!  I may have to remember that when in 5 months we start going to Christmas parties... yep, I said it, Christmas is 5 MONTHS away!! 


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Fandango by Kate Spain for ModaOk...so just saying "Fandango" is enough to get the creativity bubbling. When we first got the Fandango collection from Moda, we wondered what the name meant - so we google'd it (of course). 


  • A lively Spanish dance for two people, typically accompanied by castanets or tambourine
  • A foolish or useless act or thing

  • Once we started exploring through the the 12 prints from the collection that we are carrying, we knew that this was far from foolish or useless. (USELESS? Not a chance!) 

    Kate Spain and Moda's description tell it like it is:

    Fun and festive meets handcrafted warmth and design in this earthen-inspired Fandango collection. A bright array of spicy detail and lively color mixed with slight Cocina charm, Fandango lets a little sun in to brighten up any project.

    So let the sun shine, because Sprint is here and it's time to get to business! :)

    You can check out our entire Fandango offering over at our Fabric Shop

    Happy Quilting!

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