Hatchet Quilt

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Jenn Thurston | 0 comments

This is a Hatchet quilt we made some time ago, it features Papillon by 3 Sisters.  Unfortunately we only have about two prints remaining from that collection, but lucky for you Moda reprinted some of the map prints from the line and added several more.  It's called Passport, and that fabric would be splendid in this pattern!

The great thing about this quilt (besides that it's easy and fast!) is that it is charm pack friendly!  We didn't even use a whole charm pack to make this sweet table topper! 

The blocks go together so easily, and deciding on the layout is half the fun!  You can choose a more structured look, like putting all the pinks to make one square, all the blues to make another, etc.  Or you can go with a random layout, that is what we went with.

To make this quilt, we utilized Creative Grids ruler The Charming Square Hatchet Template.  Like I mentioned before, perfect for a single charm pack (or even half a pack) or for those scraps you aren't sure what to do with.

We quilted it with daisies and butterflies, perfect reminder of that spring weather I'm sure we're all missing right about now! 

I hope you have fun making a Hatchet Quilt, we would love to see pictures if you use the Hatchet Ruler! 


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