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Fandango by Kate Spain for just saying "Fandango" is enough to get the creativity bubbling. When we first got the Fandango collection from Moda, we wondered what the name meant - so we google'd it (of course). 


  • A lively Spanish dance for two people, typically accompanied by castanets or tambourine
  • A foolish or useless act or thing

  • Once we started exploring through the the 12 prints from the collection that we are carrying, we knew that this was far from foolish or useless. (USELESS? Not a chance!) 

    Kate Spain and Moda's description tell it like it is:

    Fun and festive meets handcrafted warmth and design in this earthen-inspired Fandango collection. A bright array of spicy detail and lively color mixed with slight Cocina charm, Fandango lets a little sun in to brighten up any project.

    So let the sun shine, because Sprint is here and it's time to get to business! :)

    You can check out our entire Fandango offering over at our Fabric Shop

    Happy Quilting!

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