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Quilted Thimble Cottage, located in McAdenville, NC is a family-owned and operated quilt shop. Apart from the business name, we are simply folks that love to have fun! "Quilts and Conversations" is a good phrase to summarize our take on who we are and what we do! Whether we are scouring stores for incredible fabrics to use in an upcoming project, finishing up the latest quilt, or working with our customers to help elevate their quilts to the next level, we are working hard and having fun!

Why choose Quilted Thimble Cottage for T-Shirt Quilts?

Why choose Quilted Thimble Cottage for Longarm Quilting?

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Quilted Thimble Cottage T-shirt Quilts

1.      Quilting: What can we say?...other than we love to quilt!!…so much so that we have it in the name of our shop! In addition to offering Longarm Services, we also offer t-shirt quilts and sewing classes. We work hard to bring a quality product and service that enhances the project you are working on, whether it is a memorable t-shirt quilt or the latest quilt project you are working on. In short, you can be sure that when it comes to your projects, we are taking every step to ensure quality and attention to detail are paramount...and at a great price!

2.      Choices: We know that choice is important! Whether it is a choice of color, choice of quilt design, or choice t-shirt placement, you are given the opportunity to place your own unique spin to your quilt!

For our t-shirt quilts, here are just a few of the options that we provide that set us apart from others that provide t-shirt quilts:

  • Fabric Color – just a like the mat of a picture, we think that a fabric border enhances the look of your quilt…so we include it with each quilt we make. Where would the fun be if we only used one color? Why not 12 different color choices? We will send you a color card that will allow you to pick the color that works best for you!
  • Sashing: We call it the “super-sizing” of t-shirt quilts! We take the colored fabric used for the border, binding and backing, and we add a 1.5” border around each t-shirt. Not only does it add to the overall size of the quilt, but it also makes each t-shirt even more special buy setting it apart on its own within the quilt.

·         Wall Hanging Sleeve: This special option is a great choice for you if you want to hang a quilt you made from your favorites sports t-shirts in a bonus or game room.

·         Embroidery: A picture, or a quilt, is worth a thousand words – but sometimes words are nice too! Like a trophy or a plaque, you can add a special message to any t-shirt quilt.

·         Quilting Design Pattern: We give you a huge selection of design options to choose from!! In your starter kit you are given a small booklet of quilting design options, and all you have to do is pick the one you like the best – we’ll do the rest!

2.  Quality: Quilted Thimble Cottage puts quality and durability into every action we take with your quilt! We make sure that every t-shirt is cut, sewn and squared. We give each and every order the attention and time it deserves – making us the best choice to trust your memories with.  

3.  Custom Options: Your imagination is the limit. If there is something that you are hoping to find in a t-shirt quilt that we do not show on our site, just give us a call. Rather use something other than t-shirts such as jeans, button down shirts, or kid’s clothes? Just contact us on the custom request page, and we can present you with a custom design at a great price!

4.  Timely Turnaround: Quilted Thimble Cottage usually returns a quilt to a customer within two to four weeks of receipt of shirts – depending on the custom choices made. Not soon enough? No problem! We can always try to accommodate rush orders and deadlines. Anything from expedited shipping to giving you the option to jump to the front of the line, the options are available – just ask and we’ll give you a quote.

5. Price. We understand that with all of these options and features that these quilts should be extremely expensive, however, we are always finding ways to make sure that we provide you the best price for quality and service that you receive!

6.  Customer Service. Our experience has taught us that customers always appreciate the opportunity to receive updates on the progress of their quilts. This makes sense considering that you are sending us some treasured memories. When you buy a t-shirt quilt with Quilted Thimble Cottage, you get 5-start treatment!

·         We begin with the Starter Kit. This is your first impression of our company, and we think it makes a great one!

·         Once we receive your t-shirts, we will review the information you provided and the t-shirts you sent. If we have any questions, we will call or email you. Otherwise, we will send you a link to a site that allows you to monitor the progress of your specific project. It is a great way to see how your project is coming along.

·         As soon as we finish your quilt, we will packaged it up and ship it on its way, along with an email containing tracking information to let you know that it is on its way.

·         Questions? No problem! Email or call us and we will act quickly to provide you the answers!


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Quilted Thimble Cottage Longarm Services


If you are like us (and most quilters we know), you love to piece together some amazing and fun quilt tops, but then have to decide whether to start the quilting on that project or get started with the next project and fabric collection. Allow us to help!

We believe that machine quilting brings a level of sophistication to a quilt, and can free up your time to explore other projects! Machine quilting is more durable than hand quilting, and long arm quilting allows for elegant patterns to complement your fabrics and pieced designs.

We complete all of the machine long arm quilting in our pet-free, smoke-free facility in Belmont, NC with our APQS Millennium machine. We currently offer freehand quilting, with computer-assisted quilting coming soon!

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Quilted Thimble Cottage Store Hours

Our Quilt Shop is located at: 

317 Wesleyan Drive
McAdenville, NC

Our Store Hours are: 

Tuesday - Friday, 10am to 3pm
Saturday, Noon to 3pm