Four Number Quilts Completed

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Do you remember my post about Baby Quilts for Four Please?  Well, we finished them all... on time!  I'm a little late in posting, but that's what happens when you go on vacation and come back with a vacation hangover.  I have been flooded with a whole other slew of stuff to do too, but more on that exciting news later!  

So to recap, we had a week to make four baby quilts, yes you read that right... four baby quilts.  I use the term "baby" quilts loosely, these quilts ended up finishing at 50" x 64".  We wanted the babies to be able to grow with them, learning numbers and colors, making blanket forts, wrapping up with it outside while making s'mores at a bon fire... we have big plans for these boys and their quilts.

Caleb is the name of our little boy, then we made one for his best friend at day care named Colton, and I was long overdue to make my twin nephews quilts, Luke and Logan.  There is something so special about making a baby (or in our case, toddler) their first quilt.  I imagine these quilts traveling around the house on whatever latest adventure they're on, of course with multiple washings making them crinkle with love.


We made the border of each quilt a different color, each number is a different color too.  These are some of my favorite fabrics, and they all play so nice together!

For the backing, we used some Ikea fabric I have been hoarding, glad I bought a whole bolt when I did because Ikea no longer prints this fabric (sob, sob).  It's the print with the numbers, I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  Is it wrong I want to use this as the backing on all my quilts?!

We used a wool batting in Caleb's quilt, it has a puffy, light weight feel that makes you just want to snuggle with it.  It's so lovely, and I can already imagine it on his big boy bed when that day happens (fingers crossed it won't be anytime soon or I will never get any sleep).  

Here are the quilt stats:
Pattern: Sew Modern Baby (modified the pattern to make a little larger)
Size: 50" x 64"
Quilting Design: Swirls 3
Fabric: Variety of fabrics:
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Red Raindrops
Pink Numbers
Black Squiggles 

Some of the prints I didn't list because we have since sold out of, but if you need recommendations we would be happy to help!



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