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Hello everyone!  Today is my day for the Cultivate Blog Tour.  Everyone has different places they find inspiration, Pinterest, blogs, Etsy, well mine personally is Instagram.  I could spend hours just looking all the pretty things that everyone else is making.  One of my favorite people to follow is Bonnie Christine (@goinghometoroost), she takes the most inspiring photos from every day objects that you might just normally walk by unnoticed.  It really makes you stop and take in all the objects and scenery around you. 

I chose these four fat quarters, but I still had to decide what to make.  The fabric lends itself so well to any project, clutch, bag, top, skirt, quilt, doll clothes… oh the options are limitless.  

I decided to make two pillows; because let's face it, I love to make pillows!  Art Gallery Fabric is the smoothest fabric to work with, in fact it takes hardly any ironing (if any at all!).  I thought, I know a little toddler that will love to rest his head on a soft pillow…. ahhh, who am I kidding, our little toddler doesn't ever come to a complete stop!

My inspiration was fall, and although I'm not a huge fan of fall because that means winter is right around the corner, this fabric very well might change my mind!  The color pallet is perfection, in fact it is a perfect match for our bedroom.

I made the larger pillow, which is 18" x 18" with the large floral print on one side, and I pieced the other side.  I cut the stripes on the bias so it would add more of a pop.  The smaller pillow is 12" x 16" and has a pieced front with "falling leaves", featuring the backing print with brown, coral and aqua.  I thought the accent stitching on the front really emphasized the "falling leaves" as well as the quilting which I considered as the "wind whipping".  

If we decide not keep them in our bedroom, they also coordinate really nice in Caleb's room!  Although he sleeps through the night almost every night, Dad reads him his bed time story and I know he will appreciate the extra lumbar support! 

For the pillow enclosure I went with the invisible zipper.  This is my preferred method, unless I do something crazy like installing piping!  I have gotten so efficient with installing them, and really appreciate what a clean look it gives with no stretching of the pillow case once you begin to use them.

Remember how I said a top would be really cute made out of Cultivate?  Well, make sure you check out Calico Dreams to see what one of those cute tops look like!  Tomorrow's Cultivate blog hop is Dandelion Drift with the cutest little gym shorts you ever did see!  Do make sure you check out the others on the Cultivate Blog Tour, there are so many amazing projects already! 


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