Bungle Jungle Baby Quilt

Posted on January 31, 2013 by Jenn Thurston | 0 comments

This is the third quilt I have made with the disappearing four patch pattern.  I love this pattern; quick, easy and takes a handful of 10" x 10" squares (I used 12 colored and 12 white to make this nice toddler bed size).

I made this quilt for my neighbor who is having her second child, which they are naming Miles!


Bungle Jungle was the perfect line for baby Miles, his room has the most vibrant green walls!  I know the blues, greens and grey's in this line will compliment his room perfectly.  

I bought this cute Hippo embroidery design from Urban Threads, I put him smack on the back of the quilt so it wasn't so plain.  Now, no matter which side they have showing will be cute!

I'm going to try to break my habit of using the disappearing four patch, time to try some other patterns... maybe...


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Charming Bungle Jungle

Posted on August 06, 2012 by Jenn Thurston | 0 comments

So Charming Bungle Jungle doesn't have quite the same ring as Charming Lucy, but it's charming in it's own way!  This little Bungle Jungle quilt is a quick and easy baby quilt for that last minute baby shower gift you need to make (ya'll know which one I'm talking about, unless I'm the only procrastinator around here...?)  

This pattern goes together so fast, and it only takes one charm pack of your liking and some background yardage.  Luckily this picture isn't a spoiler alert for anyone I know, just a store sample.  

So if you stop by to visit, make sure to take a look at it, the pictures don't do this cute fabric any justice!


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