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Hey everyone!  Have you ever seen those Moda turnover precuts before?  Wondering what a turnover is?  They are actually layer cakes cut on the diagonal.  Are you thinking, I would never buy one of those because I have no idea what to do with it?  I'm here to help you, I made an hour glass quilt with mine and I'm here to post a tutorial on how I did it just for you!  

Quilt finishes at 43" x 59"

Materials needed: 
- (1) Turnover Moda Precut, I chose the Color Me Happy by V and Co.
- (1 1/2 Yd) Background, I used a Bella Solid
- (1/2 yd) Binding, I used Big Sky by Amy Brady
- (2 3/4 yds) Backing, I used Simply Color by V and Co

Step 1: Cut your background into 10" squares
You'll need (20) 10" squares of a background (grey in my case), then cut them on the diagonal
Pair up each background triangle with a print triangle from your turnover precut

Step 2: Sew the background fabric to the print fabric
Right sides together sew your background with print fabric, press your blocks (I pressed my seam to the solid side)

Step 3: Trim the half squares 
Trim all half squares to 9 1/2"

Step 4: Draw a line down the center of the half square triangles 
Pair up the half squares you would like sewn together as your hour glass block, draw a line down the center of one of the blocks you will be pairing together (there should be 20 blocks you'll be drawing a center line on)

Step 5: Match up the seams on the two half squares 
Match up the seams on the two half squares so they lock in place, I pinned on the seam to keep the blocks stable when sewing down the bias (the line that was just drawn in step 4 is on the bias)

Step 6: Sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the line

Step 7: Cut down the center of the drawn line
Cut down the center line and press each block

Step 8: Square up each block
Trim each block, I squared mine to a 9" square

That's it!  Now layout as desired and you have yourself a new quilt top done in record time!  


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