New Line - Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2

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Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Free SpiritI always find it interesting to see which designers are able to revive patterns and elements from previous lines into their new lines. Designers like Sandy Gervais and Sweetwater have elements that carry through between their lines...making them almost familiar while being brand new. I know can see that Joel Dewberry is a member of this club. His Aviary 2 line, an encore to the Aviary line, has the deep colors with the bold prints that we are accustomed to with his lines. 

Today we received our first shipment of Free Spirit fabric. We decided a little late to begin carrying Free Spirit in conjunction with the release of Aviary 2, so we are only carrying 6 of the prints, but we LOVE them. To put it is the most simplest terms, the phrase "I can't wait to get my hands on them" was uttered the moment UPS arrived. 

So please visit our Fabric Shop to take a look at the new Joel Dewberry line. We have 4 additional prints coming in August from the next the good times will keep on coming! 

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Special Delivery ~ New Fabric Coming!

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Frolic, Fandango and Spirit Line CardsWelcome to our first New Fabric is Coming, New Fabric is Coming announcement! Here at the cottage, we are already planning on what to do with these new designs. Over the next few months we will be seeing more and more lines come into the shop from great designers like Sweetwater, Basic Grey, and Joel Dewberry. On Tuesday we begin the fun with the arrival of some "Mini Moda" deliveries from Kate Spain, Sandy Gervais, and Lila Tueller. Be sure to check back as we post fabric and projects to our site!

Time to go run in circles!!

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