Hip Holiday Comes to Town

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We just got the cutest Holiday fabric in, yes I said Holiday as in December time frame... I know, I know, it's a little early to start thinking about the Holidays.  But I'm telling you what, this fabric is so stinkin' adorable that if you don't start thinking about it now - it WON'T be here when you're ready for it!  

We purchased the whole line, which is called Hip Holiday for Blend Fabrics.

This is one of those lines that every single print is just too cute to choose from!  We did go ahead and set up two listings of fat quarter bundles if you needed a little help choosing! 

The car print is my favorite, so of course I had to put those in both bundles!

I hope you like it as much as I do!  I can't wait to make a store sample, that may end up finding it's way back to my house...



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Half Square Triangle Tutorial

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I'm sure almost everyone out there in the quilting world already knows how to make a half square triangle block.  There's nothing fancy to making one, but they are in oh so many beautiful blocks!  So if you don't know how to make them, today is your lucky day!  I was making another quilt to add to the collection for our Charity Quilts, and thought a half square quilt would be a really quick and easy quilt to make.  Here's a quick tutorial on how to make half square triangle blocks.



Details of our quilt:

Size:  43" x 52"

We used four different colors (if you like the fabric we used, it's called Pirates by Riley Blake, such a cute boy quilt fabric which can be so hard to find sometimes!)

Colored Blocks: One 10" strip WOF (width of fabric) of each four colors.  Cut these into 10" x 10" blocks, you will have a total of four 10" x 10" squares of each color.

Background Blocks:  1 1/4 Yard.  Cut 16 10" x 10" squares.


- Mark a diagonal line down the center of the background blocks. 



- Sew a 1/4" seam down both sides of the line you just marked.


- Cut on the center line.


- Press the seam towards the dark fabric.


- Align the diagonal line of ruler on the diagonal sewing line, trim the top and right side of the block.



- Flip the block to trim the other two sides, we trimmed our block down to a 9" block.



There you have it, it's that easy to sew and trim half square triangles!  Now you just need to decide on your quilt layout, which may sound easier than it really is with all those choices... diamonds, chevron, diagonal lines... so many layout choices!



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We have some exciting news!

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We are absolutely beside-ourselves to let you know that we have moved to a new location! OK...so several of you may already know that - considering we were in this new location on October 2nd.

We are absolutely beside-ourselves excited to let you know that we have moved into a brand new location in the heart of downtown Belmont, NC, a picturesque and history city with a rich textile history. We started only blocks from where we are today, but we have grown by leaps and bounds. This, of course, is fundamentally due to the great people that support our passion for all things fabric, all things quilting....all things FUN!

This Thursday, October 18th at 4pm we are excited to host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at our store! We will have light refreshments, so please plan to come join us for an exciting milestone in the life of our little shop!


Any occasion where good food, beautiful fabric, and wonderful friends come together is sure to be SPLENDID!! We want to thank everyone that supported us in our move to the new store, and welcome some new friends! Join us on Saturday, October 20th from 10am to 5pm for our Grand Opening! There will be some new fabric lines, some good food, and of course - Door Prizes!!


We want everyone to help us celebrate this huge milestone for Quilted Thimble Cottage! Tune into your email and watch for special offers coming only to you for our online store!


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Fandango by Kate Spain for ModaOk...so just saying "Fandango" is enough to get the creativity bubbling. When we first got the Fandango collection from Moda, we wondered what the name meant - so we google'd it (of course). 


  • A lively Spanish dance for two people, typically accompanied by castanets or tambourine
  • A foolish or useless act or thing

  • Once we started exploring through the the 12 prints from the collection that we are carrying, we knew that this was far from foolish or useless. (USELESS? Not a chance!) 

    Kate Spain and Moda's description tell it like it is:

    Fun and festive meets handcrafted warmth and design in this earthen-inspired Fandango collection. A bright array of spicy detail and lively color mixed with slight Cocina charm, Fandango lets a little sun in to brighten up any project.

    So let the sun shine, because Sprint is here and it's time to get to business! :)

    You can check out our entire Fandango offering over at our Fabric Shop

    Happy Quilting!

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    Just Saying Hello!

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    Spirit by Lila Tueller for ModaThis week  was very fun for us here at QTC! Organizing fabric, planning projects, and posting new items to our site. Today we finished posting the 12 prints we will carry from Lila Tueller's Spirit Collection. 

    Lila's description does a good job to make your creative senses perk up:

    Put a spring in your step and a smile in your heart with Lila Tueller's Spirit collection. Bold prints and sizzling colors of peony, coral, and cocoa bring fun and SPIRIT to quilts and clothing projects of all kinds. Let the sunshine in!

    So we hope you are as inspired by the greens and corals as well as the beautiful floral patterns as we are! Stop back by to see some of the projects we complete with the line, or even better...send us some pictures of your projects to post...we would love to showcase your work. Simply send an email with your info and pictures, and we'll get you in our gallery pronto! :)

    Be sure to check out all of the prints from Spirit in our Fabric Shop!

    Happy Quilting!

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    New Line - Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2

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    Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Free SpiritI always find it interesting to see which designers are able to revive patterns and elements from previous lines into their new lines. Designers like Sandy Gervais and Sweetwater have elements that carry through between their lines...making them almost familiar while being brand new. I know can see that Joel Dewberry is a member of this club. His Aviary 2 line, an encore to the Aviary line, has the deep colors with the bold prints that we are accustomed to with his lines. 

    Today we received our first shipment of Free Spirit fabric. We decided a little late to begin carrying Free Spirit in conjunction with the release of Aviary 2, so we are only carrying 6 of the prints, but we LOVE them. To put it is the most simplest terms, the phrase "I can't wait to get my hands on them" was uttered the moment UPS arrived. 

    So please visit our Fabric Shop to take a look at the new Joel Dewberry line. We have 4 additional prints coming in August from the next run...so the good times will keep on coming! 

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    Special Delivery ~ New Fabric Coming!

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    Frolic, Fandango and Spirit Line CardsWelcome to our first New Fabric is Coming, New Fabric is Coming announcement! Here at the cottage, we are already planning on what to do with these new designs. Over the next few months we will be seeing more and more lines come into the shop from great designers like Sweetwater, Basic Grey, and Joel Dewberry. On Tuesday we begin the fun with the arrival of some "Mini Moda" deliveries from Kate Spain, Sandy Gervais, and Lila Tueller. Be sure to check back as we post fabric and projects to our site!

    Time to go run in circles!!

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