Selvage Coasters - A Quick How To

Posted on June 08, 2013 by Jenn Thurston | 0 comments

Ever wonder what to do with your selvages?  I was in desperate need of some coasters, so I thought why not make them a little interesting!

Here's a quick and informal tutorial on how to use your selvages to make coasters.  I began by taking some scrap fabric or muslin and cut them into 5" squares.

Take a ruler, line up the 45 degree line with the corner of the 5" square.  Mark with a pen (I used a Frixon pen, but you could use something permanent since the selvage will be covering up the line).

Grab a handful of those selvages you've been hoarding (come on, no point in denying it....).  I only used 7 or 8 different strips, they stretch surprisingly far!

Place the first selvage aligning the top with the line you just marked.  

Place the next selvage above the first selvage (both selvages facing up), overlapping slightly so that when the top stitch line is sewn both selvages are sewn down.  Stitch close to the edge of the lower portion of the second selvage.

Continue to layer the next selvage in line slightly above the selvage just sewn, stitch close to the edge making sure both selvages are sewn down with that stitch line.

Continue until the whole square is completely covered with selvages.  Here is a picture of the front and back.  That's it, now all you have to do is cut them into the desired size (I used a final size of 4.5" x 4.5"), make a quilt sandwich with backing and batting, quilt as desired and bind! 

Who couldn't use some new coasters?? I know I did!




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Block of the Month - Countdown to Christmas

Posted on November 19, 2011 by David Thurston | 1 comment

Countdown to Christmas Block of the Month"Countdown to Christmas" is our first 'Block of the Month' program for Quilted Thimble Cottage. It is a sampler-style quilt with blocks designed by several Moda fabric designers. Each block offered a unique way to show off Sweetwater's Countdown to Christmas fabric line, with its array of traditional colors and patterns. Our program offered folks the opportunity to quilt through 12 blocks in 4 months. Each person was encouraged to complete 3 of the 12 blocks per month, and if they did they would get an entry into a drawing to have their project quilted for free! We had 8 folks entered into the drawing, with 30 entries. We used this list, along with a random number generator to select our winner.

Congratulations to Joan McClure

We have the chance to see her beautiful quilt top after she was able to complete it at a recent quilt camp, and it is gorgeous! Everyone else that participated in the Block of the Month program will receive 10% off their project's quilting!

Thanks to everyone that participated - you all are so talented and ambitious! We have another exciting program starting in January. It is a Mystery Block of the Month that will run through 2012. We will offer you a choice of two colorways, and reveal each block along the way! Stay tuned for more news on that next month!

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