Inspiration strikes!

Posted on April 05, 2011 by Vicki Tolzmann | 0 comments

Inspiration can strike without warning (never a bad thing, right?) how do you prepare yourself? With a notebook? Absolutely! Whether I am out for dinner with family, or running errands, I always seem to find ideas for a quilt design or a potential future project, but forget the details later. The solution is simple: a little notebook! I like to keep a small notebook in my purse, and welcome the inspiration when it comes!

My inspiration notebook!Here are some of the ways that I use my inspiration notebook:

Have your current project's fabric samples with you. Cut fabric swatches and staple (or tape) them to the inside of your notebook - that way if you run into a sale you have your fabric at arm’s reach to coordinate it.

Jot down project ideas. Write down ideas you may have seen or something you would like to interpret into a quilt

Record measurements. I had an idea for a bread machine cover for my kitchen, but when I went to start working on it I didn't have the measurements. Next time they will be in the notebook!

Take ideas from magazines, greeting cards, architecture…even food! Draw a picture of something that inspires you. you would like to put into a quilt, list of supplies needed for a future project but not needing to rush right out and get it, etc.

Shopping list. Never end up ready to start your project and come to find that you forgot something and have to rush out to get it.

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