Jellybean Boat Bouse

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I'm a little late posting... like months late.  This has been hanging in our store on display for quite some time.  It's all thanks to UFO Fridays!  This one was the second quilt I finished up on our UFO Fridays.

The pattern is called Jellybean by Thimble Blossoms.

It's such an easy and fun pattern to make, and did I mention really quick?  It's a triple win!  This is actually the second Jellybean I have made, the first was using Kate Spain's Honey Honey line (still one of my favorite soft color lines).  

I thought this one was just perfect for summer, patriotic but not too obvious patriotic.  I selected The Boat House fabric by Sweetwater (those ladies really know how to make some cute fabrics!)

Fabric:  The Boat House by Sweetwater
Pattern: Jellybean by Thimble Blossoms
Size: Approximately 60" x 68" (I made it a little smaller than what the pattern calls for)
Quilting Design: Anchors Away

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