UFO Friday - The Start of the Tinker Tote

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So it's been entirely too long since I have worked on UFO Friday!  Today it changes, I'm back at it.  I haven't been completely neglecting my UFO's (unfinished object) I did actually finish one, but since I didn't show you the before, there's no point in posting the after right?  I may show you just for fun after it's quilted!  

If you're new here, UFO Fridays are where you carve out 15 minutes of your day to work on a UFO (Unfinished Object), with the objective of finishing it up!  I work on the same UFO every Friday until it's finished.  

The next designated UFO is my Tinker Tote.  I'm afraid to tell you how long ago I started it, you could figure it out if you look at the two fabric lines I chose from Bonnie and Camille back in the day.  

So I just finished the quilt as you go process.  A cool technique, easy for anyone to do... it does take some time and a little bit of effort though.  The smaller the pieces, the more scrappy it looks; also the more time consuming it is to do (I also used 1/4" quilting so that doesn't help my case).

Next up, inserting lining, sewing on the leather bottom and putting in a magnetic snap... then just like that I'm done, in a snap (or knowing me, a few UFO Friday's from now).

Don't forget, you can join in on the fun!  Post your photos on Instagram or on our Facebook page, use hashtag #UFOFridays

Project details:
Pattern:  Tinker Tote
Fabric:  Ruby (original) and Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille
Status: Quilt as you go process completed

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