Bonnie and Camille Swap Buddy

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I was recently in a block of the month swap called I heart B and C Sampler on Instagram, and in that group everyone was assigned a name to do a "Swap Buddy".  The swap buddy completed a survey of their favorite items (and least favorite) and the person making the gift could go off of that survey. 

My survey said that I wanted a mini quilt, and I would love it to be Miss Kate because that was the one line of theirs I don't have any of (I know, hard to believe).  Well, she nailed it!  How adorable!! I hit the swap buddy jackpot, everything in there was made with me in mind and it's absolutely perfect.  She was even so thoughtful to include a book for Caleb!

The needle book is so adorable, the details that went into it are amazing.  Hand stitching, embellishment and the colors are perfect.  If it goes missing, I know exactly who took it  < squinty eyes, these eyes are looking at you mom… >

I'm so excited to hang these up in my sewing room, my empty wall will look so much better!

Thank you so much Emily!  It is more than I could have ever wished for, I love everything!  



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