LeeAnn's Memory Quilt

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A dear friend of mine lost her father last year.  This was an incredibly hard time in her life, as her and her father were extremely close.  So I knew when she asked me to make a memory quilt of her "Daddy's" shirts there was only one answer!  

Her father had some of the best shirts, they were all soft and worn; perfect to make a memory quilt from.  A lot of them were flannel, there was even a wool scarf with his initial embroidered on it.

We decided to quilt it with stars and loops, a nice and light design that only gets better with washing!  

The blue shirt was my favorite, I knew exactly how I wanted to make it the focus of the quilt.  It was also the only shirt she said had to be in the quilt; it was the shirt he passed away in.  I was able to squeeze three stars from it, exactly three.  There was not a bit of scrap leftover from the blue shirt.

Her father loved yellow roses, so she chose this beautiful fabric from Lulu by Chez Moi.  {Bonus for her: Her dog's name is Lulu, so she knew it was just meant to be} 

Friend, I'm sorry of the passing of your father.  I'm so honored you asked me to make a memory quilt for you, may it keep you warm and the memory of your father always near you.

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