Spending Time Together

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Spending Time Together
Every once and a while, as our schedules permit, Jenn and I spend the day together around town. For us, this usually consists going out to breakfast or lunch, and then swinging by a couple of the local stores to window shop (quilt shops, Target, Lowe's...the list is quite long!). 

Today turned out to be a little different. Instead of shopping (although the day isn't over yet), we went by the cottage to work on some of our projects. Jenn started the day by working on a scrap bag of fabric from a line that we are (eagerly) awaiting to be delivered called Frolic by Sandy Gervais. We were both amazed by the shear size of the quilt that she was able to make from just one bag. Now for some yardage to finish it up! 

Other projects on the list today? 
  • Recover from yesterday's yardwork.
  • Finish up 2 charity quilts to send for the Japan relief effort (from our buy-one-give-one effort).
  • Housekeeping items for the cottage
  • Falling victim to our sweet dog's plead for a walk around the block.How could we say no to a face like that??
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
Jenn & David

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