Pattern - Molehills Quilt by Latifah Saafir Studios (LSS-00001)

The Molehills Quilt pattern will take you on a fun exploration in curved piecing. You can find your own voice in this pattern since it includes multiple variations including full fan, pieced fans and pieced arcs. CD included with templates, coloring pages, row labels, bonus full fan templates and the Blueberry Park piecing variation.

Pattern:  Molehills Quilt (LSS-00001)

Designer: Latifah Saafir StudiosElizabeth HartmanLatif

Quilt Dimensions: 

Baby 45in x 47in Throw Quilt 63in x 70in, Twin 63in x 93in, Full 77in x 93in, Queen 90in x 110in, King 110in x 110in

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